WhisperShade® IQ2®
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WhisperShade® IQ2® Electronic Drive Unit (EDU)

Intelligent roller-shade technology.

Raise the IQ® of your next project. The WhisperShade IQ2 EDU is the most advanced motorized-shading solution on the market. Flexible shade-control options are simpler and more economical than ever before due to the all-in-one shade tube containing the precision-control electronics and MechoNet, MechoSystems' exclusive network-communications protocol.

Key Features
Two-way communication.
Built-in network and dry-contact control.
Cost-effective, daisy-chained wiring.
Ultra-quiet operation.
Repeatable, pinpoint shade positioning.
104 alignment points and 32 custom presets over MechoNet.
Five alignment points and three custom presets via dry contact.
Addressability (up to eight levels) to support virtually any group-control scenario.
Remote configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
Specialized operating modes for uniform shade alignment, automation override, blind control, and more.
Convenient 3rd-party integration.