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If you don't control both the lights and the shades,
you're only getting half the benefit.

MechoLux is an intelligent, software-controlled, lighting-management system that automatically dims and switches lighting fixtures.

SolarTrac® is our state-of-the-art automated shade-control system. MechoLux works with SolarTrac to deliver the optimum amount of daylight and protect occupants from solar heat and glare.

MechoLux provides:

  • The optimum amount of daylight and artificial light at all times—automatically.
  • Protection from heat and glare.
  • Measurable energy savings.
  • An open architecture that permits the use of any industry-standard component (dimmable ballast, lighting sensor, or occupancy sensor).
  • Easy and cost-effective configuration.

For more information on our Automation Systems, please visit our SolarTrac and SunDialer® pages.

Seven Smart Strategies

SolarTrac: Automatically adjusts roller shades to adapt to sun and sky conditions.

Occupancy Control: Automatically turns off fixtures when they're not needed.

Smart Time Scheduling: Switches or dims lights for any resolution, from a whole floor to an individual light fixture.

Daylight Harvesting: Automatically dims artificial lights to take advantage of natural sunlight.

Task Tuning: Eliminates wasted energy by setting light levels to suit a particular workspace.

Personal Control: Controls light levels through a web browser or desktop software.

Variable Load Shedding: Automatically sheds lighting loads to respond to utility costs or demand-response signals.