WhisperShade® IQ2® System

Ultra-Quiet and Powerful
The most advanced motorized-shading system on the market, WhisperShade IQ2 delivers robust, building-wide performance with ultra-quiet, networked components, and flexible control options–easily configured for on-or-off-site operation.

Performance packed into every facet of WhisperShade

  • IQ2 Electronic Drive Unit (EDU)

    An ultra-quiet, robust motor tucked into the shade tube delivers high-torque lifting capacity with flexible control options and precise positioning
  • IQ Switch

    One to five button switches accommodate up to three intermediate stop positions customizable to pinpoint your light-filtering requirements
  • MechoNet

    Proprietary RS485-based network that offers two-way communication and integration with a range of window-covering devices, wall switches, dry-contact devices, and third-party control systems

Seamless Integration with SolarTrac® and SunDialer® Automated Shade Systems

  • SolarTrac integrates with building control systems to maximize natural daylight, increase energy efficiency, and provide occupants with a comfortable environment with views to the outside
  • SunDialer provides low cost solar-tracking and sky-monitoring features for small-scale and retrofitted projects
  • In addition to WhisperShade IQ2 integration, MechoNet allows SolarTrac to communicate with existing lighting, A/V, and building automation systems


Two-mode Operation

  • Normal
    • Adjust shade-band heights to one of five preset positions–full-up, full-down, and three intermediate heights–or stop at any point in between
  • Uniform
    • Shade-band heights are adjustable to only the five positions providing a consistent, aligned facade

Switch Configurations

  • Five-Button
    • Offers full operation, including intermediate shade-band heights
  • Two-Button
    • Ideal for allowing full-up or full-down-only positioning of blackout shades
  • One-Button
    • Adjust the motor to just the single setting for interfacing with patient bedside controls in health-care facilities

Simplified Third-Party Integration

Our controls seemlessly integrate into other manufacturers building management and automation systems to maximize building and occupant performance by working in tandem with lighting, heating and cooling and audio visual systems.

Resources & Specifications 

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

All WhisperShade hardware is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty

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