WhisperShade IQ2-DC

WhisperShade® IQ2-DC

Smart motor shade system for commercial window projects

A smart roller shade motor that's strong and quiet
When it comes to motorized window shade performance, precision, and innovation, Mecho is the leader. Our patented WhisperShade IQ2-DC shade motor for our ElectroShade systems exemplifies why this is true. One of the best motorized shade products on the market, IQ2-DC is ideal wherever heavy lifting power and quiet operations are required.

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WhisperShade IQ2-DC

Why Choose WhisperShade IQ2-DC?

An Intelligent Motor with Internal Shade System Diagnostics

There’s a reason IQ is in the product name: It has precision-control electronics and MechoNet™ all inside one shade tube. MechoNet is our advanced communications system that provides shade control across a large network. The IQ2-DC motor is so advanced it will even alert building managers to potential maintenance issues before it creates an interruption in shade functionality or downtime preventing shade damage, wear and tear and reducing repair costs. 

Engineered for Power, Enhanced for Motorized Solar Shade Performance

The IQ2-DC has the largest lift capacity in its class, capable of raising roller shades  as large as 600 sq. ft. This means bigger single or coupled shades can be lifted with a low-voltage (24VDC) motor, more than our competition. IQ2-DC is the only UL- motor solution on the market, capable of integrating with building lighting, A/V, and HVAC management  systems. It makes commercial  motorized shade installation straightforward, eliminating expensive electrical components or electrician time.  WhisperShade IQ2-DC provides users with unparalleled performance and  efficiency.

Almost Inaudible, a Motorized Shade System Without Distraction

WhisperShade IQ2-DC is particularly ideal in library, education, and healthcare facilities, but can also benefit hospitality and workplace environments. This smart  shade motor operates at only 38dB, quieter than the sound of a light summer rain, ideal where silence is required. Mecho is the only commercial  window shade company that offers an entire motor line that is whisper quiet and low voltage.  Choose WhisperShade  IQ2-DC when you need a motorized shading system that is intelligent, quiet, and powerful.



The WhisperShade IQ2-DC carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty from Mecho.


MechoNet Communication System Features
  • Coordinate all motorized solar shades together instead of using multiple interfaces, reducing costs with one system
  • Supports up to 250 devices on a single bus line
  • Allows control to extend up to 4,000 ft. (1,219 m.)
  • Provides 104 alignment positions and 32 custom presets
  • Enables instant, two-way communication

When you want the best, work with the best. The best work with Mecho.


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WhisperShade IQ2-DC Features

  • Integrates with Mecho’s SolarTrac®and SunDialer® automation systems and EnOcean wireless controllers using MechoNet to accommodate automation
  • Maintenance alerts to prevent motorized roller shade damage, reducing repairs 
  • Low-voltage (24VDC) cabling for simplified, low-cost wiring 
  • Only UL listed DC motor on the market
  • Shade adjustments accurate to 1/16th of an inch
  • Integrated into building automation systems to work in tandem with lighting and HVAC systems
  • Can contribute points towards LEED and WELL building certification

Motorized Shade Parts + Accessories

  • ElectroPocket

    Mecho's ElectroPocket is a UL certified, prewired pocket with snap-together fittings for quick, easy connections and shade installation reducing the need for expensive and extensive electrician time

  • SnapLoc Fascia

    Concels the entire shade assembly, shadebands, or any alterations made to accommodate the drive mechanism

  • Multi-Banding

    Rise and lower multiple shades simultaneously while preserving design aesthetics

  • Wireless Controls

    Add flexibility to motorized shades, eliminate hardwired position switches and raise and lower shades from anywhere in the room