WhisperShade® IQ2-DC

Powerful, Intelligent and Quiet. The complete package.
WhisperShade IQ2-DC is the solution when your project calls for the best. WhisperShade IQ2-DC is Mecho's new, patented ultra-quiet shading system that lifts larger than competitors, and adjusts and alerts facility managers to potential issues. With proven power, silent operation, and programmed intelligence, the IQ2-DC is the perfect motorized shade solution for healthcare, hospitality, corporate, and education applications.


  • Quiet

    The IQ2-DC operates at only 38dBA—quieter than the sound of a light summer rain—perfect where silence is required.
  • Intelligent

    The IQ2-DC motor is so technologically advanced it alerts you to potential maintenance issues before they create an interruption in shade functionality. No other shade system on the market can do this.
  • Powerful

    Mecho's IQ2-DC has the largest lift capacity in its class, capable of lifting shades up to 600 sq. feet. The IQ2-DC gives you the versatility to lift larger single shades—or more coupled shades—with a single low-voltage motor than any our competition. 

Versatile Operation for Any Application

  • The IQ2-DC can operate as a standalone shade motor or seamlessly integrate into any of Mecho’s automation systems operating in a single room, an entire floor, or complete campus. Mecho is the only shade company than offers an entire motor line that is whisper quiet and, in both line and low voltage.
  • The IQ2-DC also uses MechoNet™ to seamlessly integrate with other building management systems using BACnet for enhanced control of A/V, HVAC, and lighting. 
  • IQ2-DC is patented. No one else can offer a motor this intelligent, quiet and powerful. Nobody. 


  • Maintenance alerts to prevent shade damage reducing the risk of unnecessary repairs, wear and tear, and downtime
  • Low-voltage (24VDC) cabling for simplified, low-cost wiring 
  • Only UL listed DC motor solution on the market
  • Shade adjustments accurate to 1/16th of an inch
  • Automation Integration
    • Can be integrated into Mecho’s SolarTrac® and SunDialer® automation systems and EnOcean wireless controllers using MechoNet to accommodate automation for entire campuses down to a single room
    • Integrated in into building automation systems to work in tandem with lighting and HVAC systems
  • Can contribute points towards LEED and WELL building certification

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

All WhisperShade hardware is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty

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