Motorized shading system accessory to expedite installation

Install shades easier, faster, and more economically
Mecho’s comprehensive product offerings include the accessories needed to complete motorized window shade installations effectively and efficiently. ElectroPocket is the newest revolution among a complete line of color coordinated aluminum shade part accessories. 

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Why install with ElectroPocket?

The Commercial Shade Industry's First ETL/UL Certified Pocket

Ideal for ground-up as well as renovation projects, the ElectroPocket is the industry’s first ETL/UL-certified pocket-mounting solution for motorized roller shades.  ElectroPocket puts 50 years of engineering performance into the patented pocket, helping solve how to wire motorized shades.

Utilizes Below Ceiling Wiring, Saving on Electrician Costs

ElectroPocket’s innovative design allows for below ceiling wiring and eliminates the need for extensive onsite wiring. The modular pockets clip together at the jobsite, making a relatively effortless transport and installation. Utilizing ElectroPocket can reduce the need for expensive electrician time. The certified wiring raceway secures all wiring safely away from a motorized shade system’s moving parts. Reducing future maintenance costs, ElectroPocket’s unique, patented design uses standard wire and cable instead of more expensive metal-clad or conduit wiring.

Streamlines Multi-Unit Install 

Using ElectroPocket can significantly reduce installation time and expense. ElectroPocket can be pre-wired on the job site before installation so it can be motorized at a later date, making it a perfect option for tenant fit-outs in multi-family or mixed-use facilities. ElectroPocket is the best motorized shade part available to hide the roller shade motor while simplifying commercial shade wiring and install. 

Calculate Savings with the ElectroPocket Savings Estimator

Calculate your savings on labor, materials, and time installing motorized shades with ElectroPocket. Enter your estimated shade configurations and electrician labor rate into the ElectroPocket Savings Estimator.  Find out how much you can save on your project today.

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ElectroPocket carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty from Mecho.


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Watch this short video to see the visual of how ElectroPocket functions in a motorized shade system
ElectroPocket Features

  • Reduced wiring and electrical installation costs 
  • Easier installation in retro-fit and renovation applications 
  • Modular wiring kits with standard connectors–comparable to office cubicle wall wiring and installation 
  • Sections clip together at jobsite 
  • Standard 10.5’ sections nest for easier handling, jobsite transportation, and lower shipping costs
  • Modular design promotes upgrades in motorization and automation as requirements change
  • Guides for easy bracket placement, shade installation, programming, and servicing