Mecho®/7 Commercial Window Shades

The next generation of manual roller shades for commercial buildings

A Breakthrough in Technology
Meet the Mecho/7 Platform, Mecho's newest manual window shade solution. Since 1969, the Mecho manual shade system has set the bar for quality and performance. 50+ years later, the Mecho/7 is the latest innovation on the system that started the commercial shade industry.

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Mecho 7 manual shade mechanism
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Why Choose Mecho/7 Manual Shades?

Lift Larger Shades – Up to 30’ Bays

Mecho's latest innovation takes larger and coupled commercial shades to the next level. The customizable lift assist mechanism, along with our patented pull force algorithm, can now lift up to a 30' bay of shades on a single bead chain while maintaining the industry's best user experience. This breakthrough in technology means the Mecho/7 manual shade system is able to lift larger, heavier commercial solar shades while still providing the same consistent user experience as the Mecho/5x.

The ability to lift larger shades also improves design aesthetic and user experience by eliminating multiple chain pulls and reducing light gaps.

Upgraded Durability

The Mecho/7 commercial window shade system's durability makes it suitable for the most challenging commercial applications, from workplace and education to hospitality and healthcare environments.

The momentum of large commercial window treatments hitting clutch limits can result in the bead-chain breaking, rendering the shade inoperable. Not so with Mecho/7, the system has been designed with a shock-absorbing urethane bumper to prevent shade downtime. This, along with Mecho's commercial-grade components, results in the most durable, reliable manual shade system on the market.

Save Time and Money with Easy and Accurate Installation

Get your installation crew on and off the job site quickly and have confidence that the coupled shades are installed properly.

The Mecho/7 system ensures multi-band shades are always at a consistent height. Our patented, adjustable shade coupler speeds the installation process, ensures precise alignment, and helps eliminate hembar misalignment. The redesigned Mecho/7 brackets have adjustment slots that create flexibility for installers and allow for fine-tuning of bracket orientation, all without drilling new holes.

Upgradeable Bracket Design – Manual Shades to Motorized Shades

A project's requirements and budget can change quickly in today's dynamic environment. Mecho/7 offers the flexibility to change based on project needs or budgets. Allowing for a simple and cost-effective upgrade scenario, you can now market your space as "motorized shade ready" with the new Mecho/7 manual shade system.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Shade System 

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle Bronze™ certified when installed with EcoVeil, EcoSheer, or AcoustiVeil commercial shade cloth. Mecho/7 can also be paired with any Mecho shade cloth to contribute toward a building's LEED or WELL certification.


25-Year Limited Warranty


The Mecho/7 shade system is the only comprehensive hardware, bead chain and commercial shade cloth system with a 25-year limited warranty, including 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty. 


When you want the best, work with the best. The best work with Mecho.

Mecho/7 Product Video + Features

Mecho/7 Manual Shade System Videos

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Mecho/7 Manual Shade System Features

  • Provides larger multi-banded shades—including six bands—up to a 30’ bay (dependent on fabric weight)
  • Managed pull force of 3 - 8.5 pounds
  • Included adjustable shade coupler speeds installation and ensures precise shade heights and hembar alignment
  • Engineered for maximum lift with minimum effort
  • Can be specified to meet ADA's requirement of pull force below 5 lbs
  • Durable and built for any commercial application
  • Single or double shade bracket options
  • Improved user experience with smooth and quiet shade operation
  • Increased angle on shade pull chain to avoid window obstructions and furnishings
  • Patent pending urethane hub
  • Manual to motorized upgradability without re-ordering fabric band
  • Complies with CDPH Standard Method v1.2 01350 and is Clean Air Gold
  • Shade system complies with all LEED and WELL IAQ requirements
  • Winner of the 2021 Planet Positive Award for Architectural Systems and Facades

Roller Shade Options + Accessories

  • Mounting Brackets

    Various compatible brackets options available in single and double

  • Snaploc® Spline

    Ensures proper alignment across all shade bands as well as simplifying shade cloth replacement

  • Offset Chain

    Drive chain that easily drops behind the fascia for a clean look and silent operation

  • Blackout Channel

    Channels and roller shade fascia ensuring precise light gap control for audio-visual and environmental illumination needs

  • DoubleShades

    Compact dual shade solutions that support both light-filtering and room-darkening commercial shade cloth on the same dual roller shade bracket

  • Multi-Banding

    Single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multiple shade bands in one movement

  • Pocket Options

    Concealed pockets for single and dual roller shade applications

  • Snaploc Fascia

    Hides shade assembly and adds an architectural element