healthcare shade solutions

Mecho healthcare solutions improve medical environments one patient at a time

Utilized in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, Mecho shade and control systems empower patients with their effortless operation and improve positive health outcomes with sunscreening materials that allow for the maximum amount of daylight.
healthcare solutions

Natural light maximizes positive patient outcomes

  • Influences faster recovery times leading to shorter postoperative inpatient stays
  • Improves hospital staff morale and increases patient satisfaction with quality of care
  • Helps regulate circadian rhythms for improved rest when combined with effective, room-darkening controls
healthcare solutions
healthcare solutions

Engineered solutions that meets health and safety requirements for hospital environments


healthcare control options

Seamlessly-integrated control options enhance patient empowerment

  • Allow patients to operate motorized shades from the bedside assistance-free with simple, one-button controls
  • Reduce the effort required for operating larger manual roller shades by over 50% with Managed Lift Force
  • Manage daylighting across the entire healthcare facility with hands-free, fully automated sun-tracking control systems

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