Mecho®/5 Manual Shade System

Next-Generation Performance
Over four decades of performance-proven engineering makes the latest evolution of our patented, chain-driven, commercial-grade Mecho/5 the go-to manual roller-shade solution. It’s the only complete hardware-and-shadecloth solution on the market, backed by a 25-year, Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Mecho®/5 Does the Heavy Lifting

An overrunning clutch, self-lubricating components, and larger-diameter sprocket increases the overall lift capacity with no adjustments needed upon installation

Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze

Mecho/5 paired with EcoVeil shadecloth is the first and only Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze window-shading system

Widest Collection of Performance-Driven Shadecloth

Choose among fabrics that provide transparent-to-opaque shading, excellent glare control, occupant comfort, and a reduction in solar gain

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Mecho/5 DoubleShades®

DoubleShades are a compact, efficient solution for mixed-use spaces, supporting both light-filtering and room-darkening shadecloth on the same bracket


Mounting Brackets

  • Mecho/5 Standard Bracket
  • Mecho/5 Extended Bracket
  • Mecho/5 DoubleShades Bracket

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SnapLoc® Spline

The easy-to-fasten SnapLoc Spline ensures a proper-alignment across all shade bands, prevents the shadecloth from slipping off the roller tube and makes it easy to replace shadecloth if you would like to change style or performance


Managed Lift Force

Managed Lift Force provides a consistent experience for all sizes of shades, minimizing the effort required for operation. This allows multi-banded, large shades (up to 30 pounds), and hard to reach systems to be operated with a manual clutch.

SnapLoc Fascia

Use as an architectural element or to conceal the entire shade assembly, shadebands, or any alterations made to accommodate the chain

Offset Chain

The drive chain easily drops behind the fascia for a clean look and silent operation


A single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multiple shade bands in one movement making operation for a single user easy. 

Blackout Channel

Channels and fascia deliver precise light gap control for audio-visual and environmental-illumination needs

Room Darkening Details

Concealed pockets for single and double shade applications

Resources & Specifications

Find additional documentation and comprehensive, detailed technical drawings to include in your project

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

All Mecho/5 hardware and shadecloth are covered by a 25-year warranty from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty

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Certifications & Recognition

  • Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze with EcoVeil® or EcoVeil Sheer
  • Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Merit
  • CEPro BEST Award
  • Best of NeoCon® Gold in Window-Treatment category


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