Manual solar shade for commercial applications

Next Generation Commercial Shade Performance
 The Mecho/5 horizontal roller shade clutch includes more than four decades of proven engineered performance in manual commercial window shades. This patented shade lift system is our flagship product that allows our manual window shades to provide superior quality and performance in all types of commercial buildings including healthcare, corporate, education, and hospitality projects. The Mecho/5’s patented, industrial commercial roller shade technology is the industry leader in providing a smooth and consistent user experience and unmatched durability. 

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Mecho 5 manual commercial shade mechanism
Living room with expansive set of windows covered with Mecho commercial shades using Mecho 5 shade system

Why Choose the Mecho/5?

Manual Window Shade Engineered for Smooth, Easy Operation 

This shade lift mechanism features patented technology for a best-in-class smooth and reliable lift experience, making our commercial window shades consistently easy to raise and lower. Mecho/5’s ease of operation enables greater control to block solar glare and heat gain and improve building occupant’s work environment.

The Mecho/5 shade system features an overrunning clutch, self-lubricating components, and a larger diameter sprocket for maintenance free operation. Engineered components increase the overall lift capacity and efficiency with no adjustments needed at installation.

Multiple Commercial Window Shade Applications

Mecho/5 is the industry recognized leader in manual window shade lift systems. The patented shade system works in standard commercial window applications and performs exceptionally well with large or multi-banded shades. Larger shades and multi-banded shade systems preserve design intent by reducing the number of pull chains and light gaps creating a superior design aesthetic. Installation is fast and easy and works the same in single or double shade brackets. The Mecho/5 commercial shade is ideal in office, healthcare, education and hospitality applications. 

Maximum Solar Control for Office Window Shades

Studies have shown that controlled daylight improves building occupant’s overall health, job satisfaction, performance, and well-being. When Mecho/5 is used with Mecho’s extensive line of shadecloth, the shade system provides maximum daylight for occupant comfort and productivity while controlling the unwanted effects of solar heat gain and glare. Mecho offers proprietary solar fabrics that range from opaque to transparent. Many of our solar collections are available ranging from 1% to 10% openness factors in addition to a complete line of blackout shade options.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Shade System 

Cradle to Cradle

When installed with EcoVeil or AcoustiVeil commercial shade cloth, the Mecho/5 is a Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze window shade system.  Mecho/5 is the only Cradle to Cradle certified shade system in North America. In new building or existing renovation projects, this certification demonstrates sustainable building practices that may contribute to LEED or WELL certifications. 


25-Year Limited Warranty


The Mecho/5 shade system is covered by a 25-year warranty from the date of shipment.  Our warranty guarantees 100% replacement with no depreciation. 


When you want the best, work with the best. The best work with Mecho.


Watch this short video to see an overview of Mecho/5, our manual solar shade

Mecho/5 Features

  • Works with large and multiband shades to eliminate light leaks and preserve design aesthetics and façade management
  • Available in single or double shade applications for maximizing daylight and providing blackout options when needed
  • Specialty applications available including bottom up, curved façade, slanted, and sloped options
  • Fast, easy installation in traditional or challenging commercial applications
  • Performance proven reliability backed by a 25-year warranty
  • Patented oil impregnated, self-lubricating sprockets provide smooth, quiet, maintenance free operation

Solar Shade Parts & Accessories

  • Mounting Brackets

    Mecho mounting brackets offer many options for solar shade mounting in single and dual shade configurations

  • Snaploc® Spline

    The easy to fasten SnapLoc Spline ensures the proper alignment of shadecloth across all shade bands, prevents shade cloth from damage and allows for easy replacement to change the solar shade design or performance

  • SnapLoc Fascia

    Roller shade fascia can be used as a design element or to conceal the shade assembly, shadebands, or any alterations made to accommodate the chain

  • Side and Sill Channels

    Eliminate light leakage with side and sill channels. These shading accessories provide complete window coverage when complete blackout is needed

  • Multi-Banding

    Mecho’s single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multi-band shades for easy operation

  • Pocket

    Installing the Mecho/5 shade system using concealed pockets, for single or double shade applications, adds a finished touch to preserve design aesthetics