This award-winning, super-wide roller shade does the job of multiple shade bands, eliminating the multiple light gaps between bands. Unlike conventional solutions, MagnaShade maintains a low profile, adding to the aesthetic of your space without overshadowing other design elements.

Small Profile. Big Solution.

  • Shading or blackout at widths up to 40 ft. (12.19m)  by 20 ft. (6.1m) high
  • Small, rounded profile of about 6 in. (152mm)
  • Clean, expansive look supports architectural-design intent
  • ElectroShades® can be mounted to the MagnaShade for a solar shading option
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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Monumental Shades are covered by a ten-year warranty on hardware and shadecloth and a five-year warranty on motors and electronics from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement of defective products.

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