Improved manual roller shade systems for commercial projects

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The Mecho/5x super-powers the clutch that created the commercial shading industry. Our innovative, patented technology allows our manual shading system to lift larger, heavier shades and provide a consistent, nearly effortless user experience. No matter the size of the shade, the pull force is within ADA standards, something that our competitors cannot say about their shades.

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Mecho 5x manual roller shade mechanism
Four white Mecho commercial shades in New York city

Why Choose Mecho/5x?

Patented Clutch Drive Technology

Our latest innovation has patented overrunning clutch drive technology. The oil-impregnated clutch sprocket allows for quiet raising and lowering that is smooth and effortless. This super powered system is able to lift larger, heavier commercial grade solar shades while still providing the same consistent user experience as the original.

Multi-Band Commercial Window Shade Solutions

Just like Mecho/5, the Mecho/5x shade system ensures multi-band shades are always at a consistent height and that multiple chain pulls are eliminated. Mecho's adjustable shade coupler is included to speed the installation process and ensure precise, even and consistent shade heights and eliminate hembar misalignment. The updated version allows for multi-banded commercial shades, including 5 bands, up to 240 inches wide (depending on fabric weight) and single shades up to 180 inches wide, helping to eliminate light leaks. 

Single or dual roller shade bracket options are available. With Mecho/5x, there's a greater angle to the chain pull, allowing for more versatile operation when obstructions may block a window. Our patented clutch raises and lowers the roller shades for an improved user experience, even smoother and quieter than before.

Durable Commercial Shades for Optimized Building Performance

The Mecho/5x shade system's durability makes it suitable for commercial applications, from workplace and education to hospitality and healthcare environments. Its ability to work with large industrial roller shades and multi-banding without motorization saves time and money, plus makes installation fast and easy. The reduced pull force makes it ideal in healthcare or senior living environments where users may have physical limitations with manual window shades. A Mecho 5/x shade system is integral in controlling solar gain and glare, helping to optimize the performance of buildings, and the experience of its occupants.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Shade System 

Cradle to Cradle

When installed with EcoVeil, EcoSheer, or AcoustiVeil commercial shade cloth, the Mecho/5x window shade system is the only complete solution with Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification. This can also contribute points toward a building's LEED or WELL certification. 


25-Year Limited Warranty


The Mecho/5x shade system is the only comprehensive hardware and commercial shade cloth system with a 25-year limited warranty, including 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty. 


When you want the best, work with the best. The best work with Mecho.

Testimonials and Features

Testimonial from an Architect

Hear from Susana Sequeira, principal architect at Arkitecture Plus, on her experience with the Mecho/5x shade system.  

Mecho/5x Shade Features 

  • Provides larger multi-banded shades—including 5 bands—up to 240" wide (dependent on fabric weight)
  • Included adjustable shade coupler speeds installation and ensures precise shade heights and hembar alignment
  • Eliminates light leaks with increased width, single shades up to 180" wide (dependent on fabric weight)
  • Engineered for maximum lift with minimum effort
  • Can be specified to meet ADA's requirement of pull force below 5 lbs
  • Durable and built for any traditional or challenging commercial application
  • Single or dual shade bracket options
  • Improved user experience with smooth and quiet shade operation 
  • Increased angle on shade pull chain to avoid window obstructions + furnishings 

Roller Shade Parts + Accessories

  • Mounting Brackets

    Various compatible brackets options available in single and dual

  • Snaploc® Spline

    Ensures proper alignment across all shade bands as well as simplifying shade cloth replacement

  • Offset Chain

    Drive chain that easily drops behind the fascia for a clean look and silent operation

  • Blackout Channel

    Channels and roller shade fascia ensuring precise light gap control for audio-visual and environmental illumination needs

  • DoubleShades

    Compact dual shade solutions that support both light-filtering and room-darkening commercial shade cloth on the same dual roller shade bracket

  • Multi-Banding

    Single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multiple shade bands in one movement

  • Pocket Options

    Concealed pockets for single and dual roller shade applications

  • Snaploc Fascia

    Hides shade assembly and adds an architectural element