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Room Darkening Solutions

Mecho is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable, sunscreening shade systems that offer the most complete program for audio-visual and environmental-illumination control across commercial, institutional, and healthcare markets.
Precise, Light Control

Precise, Fine-Tuned Light Control

  • Blackout Channels

    Eliminate light gaps at the bottom and edges of the shade with room darkening sill and side channels
  • LightSeal Hembar

    The exposed LightSeal Hembar, with a ¼" welt, is an economical alternative to a sill channel
  • ShadeLoc®

    A zippered shade band and channel assembly eliminates light leakage around the fabric and hardware More Info
Room-Darkening Shadecloth

Room Darkening Shadecloth Options

Manual and Motorized Shade

Manual and Motorized Operation

  • Manual

    Easy-to-use, manual operation with a patented assembly and built-in, low-profile offset chain drive – designed to function with and without blackout side channels
  • Motorized

    Next-level convenience – operated by remote, or with seamless integration into your existing A/V system, automatically draw down shades for presentations or screenings
Customizable Shades

Customizable Installation Options

  • Single Shades

    A typical single shade band with a single operator
  • Multi-Band Shades

    Two or more shade bands with one operator
  • Overlapping Shades

    An overlapping configuration where side channels are not desirable, such as when joined by silicon glazing
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