Facilities Manager Solutions

Facilities Managers choose Mecho when looking for performance-proven, easy-to-maintain shade systems that maximize occupant comfort

Mecho shades not only look great, last long and enhance your building’s appearance, they help control solar energy and help lower cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Mecho shades not only enhance the beauty of your building, they are easy to maintain so building occupants only see good looking, well-functioning light control.

SolarTrac® integrated shading solutions allow your design to shine

  • Comfortable interior environment

     Mecho’s SolarTrac automated shade system maximizes natural daylight, reduces solar-heat gain, and alleviates brightness and glare providing occupants with a comfortable environment and improved performance while preserving valuable views to the outside.

  • Large-scale project support

    SolarTrac is the most comprehensive automated-shading solution on the market. SolarTrac analyzes your building’s exact GPS location, orientation to the sun, and the date to precisely calculate when to raise and lower shades to take maximum advantage of daylight. Whether your shades are across a single floor, a whole building or entire campus, SolarTrac can adjust more than 1,000 shade zones. You never have to think about shades again.

  • Clean design aesthetic

    SolarTrac automation preserves your building aesthetics by making sure all shades are at a uniform height throughout your building. SolarTrac automated shade control systems offer an extensive selection of shadecloth, slimline brackets, and options for recessing so the shades blend seamlessly into your design.

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