Intelligent Wireless (RTS) Controls

This motorized control system eliminates the need for wires. Using a remote control, operate shades powered by intelligent motors with built-in antenna arrays.

User-Programmable Intelligent Motors

  • Programmable top and bottom limit switches
  • With the four-channel hand-held transmitter or RTS wall switch, program individual, group, and master controls to operate every shade in the room – or on the entire floor – with the touch of a button

Secure and Reliable Wireless System

  • Enhanced security employing 20 million rolling address codes preventing operation of unaddressed motors and dramatically reducing interference

Seamless Integration

  • Mecho offers a variety of RTS-equipped sensors and timers to provide automated convenience, comfort, and energy management
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All Wireless Control System hardware is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty

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  • RTS Receiver — 120  VAC
  • RTS Hand-Held RF Transmitter — 3V Lithium battery, type CR2430
  • RTS RF Wall Switch — 3V Lithium battery, type CR2430
  • Operating Frequency — 433.42 MHz, and has a range of 90ft in open space and 65ft through two concrete walls

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