Mecho Shade Cloth options in a variety of colors and fabrics

Mecho Shade Cloth

Choose from hundreds of expertly-engineered shade cloth options for an aesthetically pleasing daylight control solution

Performance Collections

Innovative and superior-performing solar fabrics provide maximum daylight management and protection against damaging UV rays and glare
array of SoHo elevate fabric shade cloth in multiple colors

SoHo Elavate
1180 and 1680 Series

Powered by PROTX2®, this shade cloth provides an additional layer of performance with patent-pending, medical-grade, metal-free technology.

Up close look at Mecho's superior fabrics that outperform the competition

Why Mecho Fabrics Outperform the Competition

  • Through extensive research, Mecho established guidelines and recommendations for the use of our shadecloths, and now offer the broadest range of shadecloth color and density of any company worldwide
  • Polyester core fabric shades retain their original shape and form, particularly if the shades are quite large
  • Polyester core fabric allows for a sealed-cut edge, with a protective bead

How to Choose Between Shade Cloth Colors

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  • Color will directly affect heat gain (shading coefficient), brightness, and glare
  • Light colors are more reflective with lower heat gain and shading coefficients, but with a higher percentage of daylight and solar transmittance
  • Light colors are brighter when sunlit which causes high surface brightness and may transmit excessive, debilitating light onto computer screens and work stations
  • Light colors are difficult to see through due to surface brightness and higher reflectance and transmittance characteristics
  • Light colors tend to reflect more of the interior light back into the space
  • Darker colors provide a better view through the shadecloth to the outside
  • Dark colors absorb light and heat, and are less energy efficient than lighter colors
  • Dark colors  transmit less light and have a lower surface brightness, which lowers reflectivity and provides excellent glare-free environments
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