Skylight and Sloped Shades

Skylight & Slope Solutions

Mecho offers industry-leading solutions for abnormal window configurations, such as sloped windows and skylights, that provide complete coverage and protection from solar gain and intense sun glare.
Skylighter Shades

SkyLighter® Shades 

This well-engineered shading system accommodates a wide range of shapes, angles, and sizes with flat or soft-folded alternatives to traditional, fully drawn shades

Flat SkyLighter Shades

Flat SkyLighter® Shades

  • Tensioned

    A motorized shade solution consisting of two synchronized, tubular motors–one for shadecloth roll up, the other for cable take up–and an electric control unit that allows easy control over tautness and openness
  • Non-tensioned

    A single, tubular motor and spring system that creates resistance as it pulls the shade band across the opening, opposing the spring in the shadecloth tube to create even tautness across the shade
Soft-Folded SkyLighter Shades

Soft-Folded SkyLighter® Shades

  • Horizontal 

    An effective system consisting of two cable take-up tubes, each with a motor, drive cable, and fixed pleat at the head rail. Spacer Cables ensure pleats are properly spaced while guide cables keep the shade tracking aligned for easy operation
  • Gravity Drop 

    A simple, efficient system with one cable take-up tube with a motor and fixed pleat at the head rail. The tube raises the shade by lifting drive cables attached to the hem bar at the bottom of the shade while guide cables ensure the shade tracking is aligned
Sloped Shades

Sloped Shades

This distinct and effective shading system provides complete coverage for atypical angles and curves. Side guidewires map the movement of shapes to precisely follow sloped angles through either smooth manual or automated operation

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