hospitality solutions

Mecho shade systems elevate the guest experience within a sustainable environment

Innovative Mecho shade solutions provide the optimal light and ideal comfort zones for guests while their energy efficiency and seamless integration offers significant cost-savings to owners of hotels, condominiums, conference centers, health clubs, and other hospitality amenities worldwide.
hospitality solutions

Satisfy the aesthetic and functional demands of hotels and other hospitality amenities

  • Easy-to-install components are wall or above-ceiling-mounted, eliminating a floor footprint and adding a clean design aesthetic that compliments modern interiors
  • Available with a wide range of control options from traditional wall switches and remotes to touch screens
  • Seamless integration of Mecho automated shading solutions into any existing building management systems
hospitality guest solutions

Enhance the overall guest experience

  • Program automated control systems to open or close shades when a guest enters or leaves a room
  • Enable guests to adjust shades to their ideal levels of privacy and comfort with local manual overrides
  • Shades add to the overall ambiance and luxury of the hotel or amenity experience
hospitality shade cloth options

Save cost with expertly-engineered and energy-efficient shading systems

  • Save time on maintenance and cleaning by easily removing the rollershade along the SnapLoc® Spline
  • Prevent furniture and fabric fading with UV-protecting solar shadecloth
  • Program automated control systems for seasonal awareness, optimizing heat gain and lowering energy costs
  • Cost-effective alternative for providing solar protection compared to dynamic glass solutions

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