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PoE Solutions from Mecho

Smart Shades for Smart Commercial Buildings

What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

PoE technology combines Ethernet data/communications and power over a single CAT5/CAT6 network cable. It provides a low voltage infrastructure that facilitates building system sensors and equipment for a ubiquitous wiring approach throughout the building.

With increases in port capacity, which enables integration of higher power devices and better overall PoE system economics, PoE adoption is growing rapidly.

Smart building technology with PoE enables:
  • Data gathering and communications between all devices
  • A foundation for inter-operability across all devices
  • Increased efficiency throughout the building
  • Reduced infrastructure costs due to reduced low voltage cable cost and elimination of conduit
  • Healthier and more productive work environments
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

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Why Solar Shades are Critical to PoE

DC-Powered Motorized Shades

Motorized/automated shades (and the data plus functionality they bring) are a key contributor to PoE’s value proposition. DC motor technology available for motorized shades works well with the low voltage power infrastructure delivered by PoE, bringing further power efficiency to the building’s operation.

Natural Light

Solar shades are critical to managing the building’s access to natural light. Having shades on PoE provides convenient, integrated control capability with lighting and other devices over a common network.

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Optimized Automation

The full value of motorized shades is realized through automation, where shades can be moved without human intervention. Solar heat gain and daylight can be managed by the shades to deliver enhanced human performance and operating cost savings. In addition, the data provided by the shade network can help other building systems enhance their operation, allowing smart buildings to truly deliver optimized performance tailored to the specific building space and its users.

Mecho: The Only Choice in Solar Shades

The Leader in Commercial Shading Solutions

Mecho has been the leader in the commercial shading industry for more than 50 years. Our passion is innovation and helping architects and designers achieve better performance for building occupants while improving design aesthetics.

Versatile Shade Automation Solutions

Mecho provides three tiers of automated shading systems to maximize daylight and energy savings. So regardless of project size, Mecho has the versatility to provide solutions to for a single room, individual floor or an entire building/campus.

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SolarTrac Automated Shades

SolarTrac is Mecho’s state-of-the-art, scalable software solution for automated shades.

  • Patented algorithms uses ASHRAE models.
  • Proactive measuring of sky conditions for the total electromagnetic spectrum—not just visible light.
  • Provides critical data to the broader PoE system.
  • Open protocol approach enables integration into virtually any communications platform.