ElectroShade® Motorized Shade System

Over the four decades since its introduction as the first commercially-available, motorized shade system with an inner-roller tube motor, the performance-proven ElectroShade continues to be the go-to solution for conference rooms, high bay windows, atriums, and any other space where accessibility is a challenge.

Quiet Shades that Pack a Punch

The newest generation of ElectroShade systems reduce noise and run more than 40% quieter than comparable products

Flexibility to Meet Your Project Requirements

  • Scalable for both large and small projects
  • <16º and <45º center supports accommodate angled or faceted windows
  • Accommodate shades up to 50 feet high with custom brackets
  • Integrate with MechoNet, wireless and remote controls, and sun-activated sensors and timers–including SolarTrac–for the best in precision-controlled solar shading

Performance-Proven Brackets

A range of hardware solutions for the Standard, Extended, and DoubleShade® models. The Electro®/1 and Electro®/2 offer powerful solutions for larger shade sizes with the compact Electro®/3  makes it ideal for smaller applications and tighter spaces. 


Controls & Accessories

  • Wireless Daylight Sensor & Controller
  • Wireless Switch
  • Wireless Occupancy Sensor
  • IQ Dry Contact Switches
  • Wireless RTS Switch and Remote

SnapLoc® Spline

The easy-to-fasten SnapLoc Spline ensures a proper-alignment across all shade bands, prevents the shadecloth from slipping off the roller tube and makes it easy to replace shadecloth if you would like to change style or performance


SnapLoc Fascia

Use as an architectural element or to conceal the entire shade assembly, shadebands, or any alterations made to accommodate the chain


A single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multiple shade bands in one movement making operation for a single user easy. 


Install two shades front-to-back or top and bottom, along a master mounting bracket assembly that ensures precise alignment with minimum installation effort

Blackout Channel

Channels and fascia deliver precise light gap control for audio-visual and environmental-illumination needs

Room Darkening Details
Resources & Specifications 

Find additional documentation and comprehensive, detailed technical drawings to include in your project

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

All Electroshade motors are covered by a 5-year warranty, with shadecloth covered by a separate 25-year warranty. Both start from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranties.

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