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ElectroShade Motor Options

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When it comes to motorized window shade performance, precision, and innovation, Mecho is the leader. Our versatile, patented shade motors for our ElectroShade system provide flexibility to fit a client's various wiring, budget, and shade operation needs. These motors are ETL listed to ensure a safe and reliable product that streamlines construction and eliminates inspection concerns.

Motor Options: iQ3-DC   |  iQ2-DC  |  iQ2-AC

ElectroShade Motors Comparison


An All-New Wireless Shade Solution

iQ3-DC Motor

iQ3-DC eliminates the expense and complexity of local control wiring. This motorized solution marries MechoNet's intelligence and 2-way communication with the convenience of wireless or wired control.

A 2-way wireless system improves real-time performance of the motorized shade system, enhancing long term reliability and ensuring that commands are received, acted upon and confirmed back to the control.

Improved Room Economics

When planning with iQ3-DC motors, up-to a 60% cost reduction is possible when powered by Power Panels. Unlike traditional wireless planning, cost per zone can now be optimized with a combination of higher cost wireless and lower cost serial motors. The first iQ3-DC motor distributes power and MechoNet commands to all other motors

The result is a system that reduces wiring requirements and eliminates the need for wireless infrastructure equipment (repeaters, routers, etc.), Improving overall wiring and configuration costs.

Motorized Shades for Narrow Windows!

The iQ3-DC motor packs a lot of power into a chassis that is 33% smaller than our competition. The minimum shade width is 21.5" for this quiet motor which helps ensure the same solution can be applied across a project. The smaller 40mm motor diameter allows for a 20% larger shade size in the same pocket dimension providing an overall less invasive profile.

iQ3-DC Features
  • Hybrid network solution with 2-way wireless and serial communication.
  • Ultra-quiet operation (<40dBA)
  • ETL Listed to UL325 to ensure the highest quality and reliability.
  • Auto return to automation.
  • Pocket heat gain sensing.
  • Variable speed control between 10-28rpm.
  • Best-in-class 4nM power.
  • Works with Mecho/7, Electro/3 and Electro/1 & 2 bracket systems.
  • Integrates with third party controls and SolarTrac automation via Standard EnOcean messaging.
  • MechoNet scalability without requiring repeaters or routers.

iQ3-DC Motor FAQ


An Intelligent Motor with Internal Shade System Diagnostics

iQ2-DC Motor

There’s a reason iQ is in the product name: It has precision-control electronics and MechoNet™ all inside one shade tube. The iQ2-DC motor is so advanced it will even alert building managers to potential maintenance issues before it creates an interruption in shade functionality or downtime, preventing shade damage, wear and tear, and reducing repair costs.

Engineered for Power, Enhanced for Motorized Solar Shade Performance

The iQ2-DC has the largest lift capacity in its class, raising roller shades as large as 600 sq. ft. Meaning bigger single or coupled shades can be lifted with the low-voltage (24VDC) motor. iQ2-DC also combines low voltage dry contact control and bi-directional serial networking directly within the head of the motor.

Low voltage power coupled with low voltage control and networking now combine to deliver the lowest installed cost of any shade solution while providing the energy efficiency and refined control with soft starts and stops available with DC motor technology.

Almost Inaudible, a Motorized Shade System Without Distraction

iQ2-DC is ideal for libraries, education, and healthcare facilities and benefits hospitality and workplace environments. iQ2-DC is strong and silent, offering the industry's best power to sound-level performance.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Shade System 

Cradle to Cradle

Mecho’s ElectroShade with iQ2-DC is the first-ever motorized shade system that is C2C Certified® at the Bronze level!. This can also contribute points toward a building’s LEED or WELL certification.


iQ2-DC Features
  • Integrates with Mecho’s SolarTrac® and SunDialer® automation systems and EnOcean wireless controllers using MechoNet to accommodate automation.
  • Maintenance alerts to prevent motorized roller shade damage, reducing repairs.
  • Low-voltage (24VDC) cabling for simplified, low-cost wiring
  • ETL Listed to UL325 to ensure the highest quality and reliability
  • Shade adjustments accurate to +/- 1/16th of an inch.
  • Integrated into building automation systems to work in tandem with lighting and HVAC systems.
  • Can contribute points towards LEED and WELL building certification.

iQ2-DC Motor FAQ


Quiet, Powerful Performance

iQ2-DC Motor

iQ2-AC delivers robust, building-wide performance with a quiet and robust motor tucked into the shade tube that delivers high-torque lifting capacity (6 to 200Nm) that can handle a flexible array of shade sizes. Networked components and flexible control options that are configurable for on-or-off-site operation.

Wiring Made Simple

Eliminating external controllers and streamlining the wiring, iQ2-AC embraces the reliability and scalable power of AC induction motors while reducing the installed cost. iQ2-AC features a daisy-chain wiring for both power and networking, eliminating the need for power equipment in an electrical closet or ceiling. In addition, this intelligent AC motor provides DC power to accessories eliminating separate power connections. Low voltage MechoNet communication and power connections daisy-chain between motors through simple splitters eliminating the spiderweb of wiring caused by homerun connections.

Networking Gone Native

MechoNet, our advanced communications network, is built into every iQ2-AC. That means iQ2-AC can provide network control, in addition to dry contact control. In addition to iQ2 integration, MechoNet allows SolarTrac to communicate with existing lighting, A/V, and building automation systems.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Shade System 

Cradle to Cradle

Mecho’s ElectroShade with iQ2-AC is the first-ever motorized shade system that is C2C Certified® at the Bronze level!. This can also contribute points toward a building’s LEED or WELL certification.


iQ2-AC Features
  • MechoNet two-way communication enables control, configuration and feedback of motor position, status and settings.
  • ETL listed for safety and reliability as a system solution to ANSI/CAN/UL 325.
  • Daisy-chained wiring makes installation easier, faster and less expensive.
  • Multi-band operation lifts up to five shade bands with a single motorl.
  • Third-party integration to provide more efficient and economical building operation.
  • Five presets available for low voltage dry contact control
  • Thirty-Two customizable presets available over MechoNet for specialty applications.
  • EIA 568B MechoNet.

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iQ3-DC Motor Efficiency

iQ3-DC Motor Cost Savings

ElectroShade motorized shade system in action

Additional ElectroShade Information

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Experience the Best Motorized Blackout Shade Performance

Mecho’s ElectroShade systems provide unmatched and effortless solar control in any commercial roller shade application, including motorized blackout shades. When blackout roller shades with side and sill channels are used, ElectroShade systems create blackout conditions ideal for conference rooms, hotel guest rooms, and other locations where complete darkness is required. Whether specified for new construction, renovation, or remodeling, ElectroShade blackout roller window shades are the perfect solution for any project providing accurate, efficient, and precise daylight control.


Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

All ElectroShade motors are covered by Mecho’s five-year warranty. In addition, Mecho’s extensive line of shade cloth is covered by a separate 25-year warranty with several fabrics holding a cradle-to-cradle certification.


When you want the best, work with the best.
The best work with Mecho.
ETL LIsted

UL Listed

ElectroShade motors are ETL Listed covering 3 different safety standards to ensure the highest quality and reliability that streamlines construction and eliminates inspection concerns

MechoNet Communication System Features
  • Coordinate all motorized solar shades together instead of using multiple interfaces, reducing costs with one system
  • Supports up to 250 devices on a single bus line
  • Small edge clearance to reduce light leaks
  • Allows control to extend up to 4,000 ft.
  • Provides 104 alignment positions and 32 custom presets
  • Enables instant, two-way communication

Motorized Shade Options + Accessories

  • ElectroPocket

    ElectroPocket is a UL certified, pre-wired pocket with snap-together fittings for quick, easy connections and shade installation reducing the need for expensive and extensive electrician time

  • Mounting Brackets

    Various compatible brackets options available in single and dual shades for windows

  • ShadeLoc Side Channels

    Side and sill channels ensure precise light gap control for audio-visual and environmental illumination needs

  • DoubleShades

    Compact dual shade solutions that support both light-filtering and room-darkening commercial window shade cloth on the same dual roller shade bracket

  • Multi-Banding

    Single drive bracket smoothly raises and lowers multiple shade bands in one movement

  • Pocket Options

    Concealed pockets for single and dual roller shade applications

  • Snaploc Fascia

    Hides shade assembly and adds an architectural element

  • Switches and Remotes

    Most switches can directly control a single shade band or a group of shades with wired or wirelless connection