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At Mecho we don't build products for a season or a trend, we build them to stand the test of time. That means we’ve always thought ahead — to how our products impact the health and comfort of people and planet; how they can operate in harmony with evolving building systems; and where they will go once they eventually leave the building. Thinking ahead and thinking holistically are foundational to our sustainability program. It’s why we took on health and circularity through Cradle to Cradle before it was even a formal standard, and it’s why we never quit on the next innovation, no matter what seems possible today.

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Sustainability is about Leadership, Not Ownership

Here’s how we’ve been working to foster and inspire innovation and well-being from our early days into the future.

Origins of our Sustainability Program

When designing our first roller shades, our founder closely studied how people interacted with light while indoors. He saw the way that well-lit spaces make people happier, and was fascinated by their intuitive desire to connect with the outdoors. These observations would spark decades of innovation to enhance occupant health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our Current Focus Areas

As a company, we remain committed to providing customized, manufactured-to-order products that support occupant comfort and health. But over time, we've widened the lens on our commitment to human needs as the industry has expanded its definition of holistic sustainability. This means evaluating our material ingredient choices in design, disclosing and reducing our environmental impacts; improving system automation for whole-building benefits, and striving for materials that stay in buildings and in material circulation, and out of the landfill.

Our work advances every day. Here’s what this looks like:

Where We’re Headed

The building industry has a challenging road ahead to rapidly reduce its impacts on humans and the environment — and so do we as a manufacturer. Change doesn’t accelerate in isolation, so we’re actively engaging with established building frameworks and industry groups that share our goals and values.

Whether through participation in product certification committees, providing industry education, or involvement in leadership collaboration groups, here are a few ways that our partnerships are leading toward a more sustainable future:

Speaking A Common Sustainability Language

What does Cradle to Cradle guarantee about a product? What can you learn from a Declare label? What products support a Circular Economy or Human Health? These questions have been floating around the building industry for decades.

When mindful MATERIALS built the Common Materials Framework to establish a common language for sustainability, and launched the Catalyst Manufacturers Forum to accelerate the Framework’s adoption and industry collaboration, Mecho was first in line to participate.
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