Oversized Shade Solutions

Oversized Shade Solutions

Choose from several, expertly-engineered shading solutions that offer full coverage for larger windows and also deliver the oomf needed for an effortless lift with powerful Mecho motorized controls.
Monumental Shades

Monumental Shades

A highly adaptive shading system that offers seamless coverage from a single shade band for windows up to 10-by-30 feet – or go even larger – adding aligned stabilizing battens ensures flatness and an offset mount

Monumental Shade Details


An award-winning, low-profile shading system for large windows up to 40 feet wide and offering 800 sq. ft. of uninterrupted coverage without sagging or visible seams

Installation Accomodations

Multi-Band Shades

Combines two or more shade bands with one operator

Multi-Band Shade Details
Overlapping Shades

An overlapping configuration where side channels are not desirable, such as when joined by silicon glazing

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