What’s the Difference Between Shade Systems?

July 26, 2023

No matter what size or style of building you’re designing, you’re going to have windows that need shades for solar control. To raise and lower those shades, you have three choices—manual shades, motorized shades, or automated shades.

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What Type of Shade System is right for your Project?

Manual Roller Shade Systems

Manual ShadeExperience the simplicity and versatility of Manual Roller Shades.  Manual shades allow you to raise and lower them by hand, providing direct light control and privacy control in any space. With manual controls, you have the freedom to adjust the shades according to your preferences. However, it's important to keep in mind that manual shades can sometimes lead to uneven results, resulting in shades at different heights leading to an inconsistent look for your windows. Explore the range of high-quality Manual Roller Shades by Mecho, to find the perfect shade system for your needs. Enhance your space with reliable and customizable manual shades that bring both functionality and style to your windows.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital's Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center revamped 205 patient rooms with Mecho manual roller shades featuring custom printed shade cloth displaying stunning photography of Chesapeake Bay and its surroundings. These manual shades not only give patients direct control over their shades for ultimate privacy provide but also create a soothing and calming atmosphere, relieving patients from the stress and anxiety of the medical environment.

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Motorized Shade Systems

Motorized ShadeExperience effortless wireless control with Mecho's motorized shades. Easily raise or lower solar shades with a simple touch, reducing glare and heat gain at your fingertips. Whether it's a single window or an entire building, control motorized shades from a central location. Say goodbye to uneven shades and enjoy better daylight control while maintaining a clean, consistent look.

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Florida Hospital for Women utilizes motorized double shades in patient rooms, offering convenient control and comfort. With bedside control and accessible wall control, patients can effortlessly adjust the shades to create their perfect privacy level. These motorized shades also seamlessly integrate with the hospital's system for consistent wireless control.

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Automated Shade Systems

SolatrTrac InterfaceAutomated shades are the peak of shade efficiency and solar control. These automatic shades seamlessly adjust their positions based on the sun's movement, lowering when the sun is high and powerful to prevent glare and increase energy efficiency then raising to gain the benefits of natural light later when the sun is less harmful. This solar control effectively reduces heat gain and glare while maintaining captivating outside views.

The three levels of SolarTrac shade automation can meet the needs of any size of project and they have the flexibility to be configured to end user and project needs. So regardless of project size and needs, Mecho has the versatility to provide automated solutions for a single room, individual floor, a building, or even an entire campus.

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One example of the seamless integration of automatic shading is Mecho's case study featuring Penn1 smart building. With their cutting-edge technology, Mechoshade offers a comprehensive solution for automatic shading that transforms any space into a haven of convenience and energy efficiency. The automated window shades, powered by solar energy, provide optimal shading and temperature control, all while reducing energy consumption. Discover how SolarTrac has transformed the way PENN 1 manages solar control and shading with their advanced shades automation. Experience the future of comfort and efficiency with Mechoshade's state-of-the-art automatic shading solutions.           

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When it comes to shade systems for solar control, there are three options: manual shades, motorized shades, and automated shades. Manual shades provide simplicity and versatility, while motorized shades offer convenience and wireless control. Automated shades represent the peak of efficiency, adjusting automatically based on the sun's movement. MechoShade provides tailored solutions for various industries, including healthcare, education, offices, and hospitality, ensuring optimal comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency. Choose the shade system that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of solar control with Mecho.

Whether you are interested in upgrading from manual to motorized or motorized to automated, Mecho has the products and components to create a more efficient, cost-effective project, and a better indoor environment. Our award-winning team will help guide you through the most efficient, effective, and attractive window shading solutions for your building.

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