Which shade system is best for my project?

July 24th, 2023

MechoShade has ideal solutions for every industry whether it's healthcare, education, office spaces, or hospitality venues. Discover whether manual, motorized, or automated shades are best fitting for each setting.

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What’s the Difference Between Shade Systems?


Our accommodating healthcare solutions prioritize patient comfort and privacy. With our privacy window shades, we ensure maximum comfort while preserving outside views. Manual roller shades let patients be in direct control of their ideal environment by easily raising or lowering shades. Motorized shades are particularly beneficial for patients with physical limitations, as they can easily raise and lower the shades at their bedside. By utilizing these innovative solutions, we strive to preserve patient privacy and enhance their overall healthcare experience.

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In the field of education, automatic shades and motorized shades play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and secure classroom environment. With automatic shading, you can uniformly raise and lower shades, effectively reducing glare and minimizing distractions, enabling students to focus on their studies. Although traditional blinds may initially seem budget-friendly, they often get easily damaged by children, requiring frequent replacements. By investing in motorized or automated shades, you can save money by ensuring long-lasting durability and receive the added benefit of reduced distractions. Unlike manual shades, our motorized shades provide wireless control, making adjustments effortless and convenient. Investing in our high-quality shades not only enhances the learning experience but also contributes to improved security measures.

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Our office shades provide a seamless solution for achieving optimum daylight control in the workplace. With automatic shading and motorized shades, you can effortlessly and quietly adjust the shades to create the perfect balance of natural light. Automatic shades raise and lower to perfectly adjust for natural light. While motorized shades can be easily controlled with the touch of a button. Automatic shading not only enhances employee comfort but also boosts their performance. Our solar shades offer effective protection against glare and heat while maintaining a uniform and consistent aesthetic throughout the office space. Experience the benefits of automatic shading and discover the ideal solution for your office needs.

The three levels of SolarTrac shade automation can meet the needs of any size of project and they have the flexibility to be configured to end user and project needs. So regardless of project size and needs, Mecho has the versatility to provide automated solutions for a single room, individual floor, a building, or even an entire campus.

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In the hospitality industry, our shades offer effective daylight control to enhance the functionality and aesthetic designs of various venues. For hotel rooms, we provide manual roller shades, allowing guests to have direct light control and privacy control their space. Motorized shades are perfect for an elevated guest experience. Motorized shades have wireless control that allows guests to effortlessly adjust shades with the touch of a button. This ensures a personalized and comfortable experience. In lobbies, restaurants, and public spaces our automatic shading solutions come into play, reducing glare and solar heat gain while increasing energy efficiency. These shades automatically adjust to the sun creating a clean and inviting look. Explore the benefits of our hotel shades, including manual roller shades, motorized shades, and automatic shading. Elevate the guest experience with Mecho in your establishment.

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When it comes to shade systems for solar control, there are three options: manual shades, motorized shades, and automated shades. Manual shades provide simplicity and versatility, while motorized shades offer convenience and wireless control. Automated shades represent the peak of efficiency, adjusting automatically based on the sun's movement. MechoShade provides tailored solutions for various industries, including healthcare, education, offices, and hospitality, ensuring optimal comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency. Choose the shade system that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of solar control with MechoShade.

Whether you are interested in upgrading from manual to motorized or motorized to automated, Mecho has the products and components to create a more efficient, cost-effective project, and a better indoor environment. Our award-winning team will help guide you through the most efficient, effective, and attractive window shading solutions for your building.

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