Environmental Commitment

For over 20 years Mecho has adopted the Cradle to Cradle design methodology – ensuring the use of healthy materials that can be perpetually cycled. With the expansion of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute’s v4 Standard – Mecho continues to demonstrate its environmental commitment against the v4 standard’s rigor. Learn more below.

Material Health Methodology

Cradle to Cradle continues to be the most rigorous material health methodology in the industry. Mecho’s v3 Banned List and v4 Restricted Substance List have become a standardized screening tool in our material vetting process. Below are details of the C2C Material Health Standard:

Product Circularity

Mecho’s ElectroShade Motorized Shade Systems with iQ2-AC or -DC motors employ circular strategies including design for disassembly, upgrade, and maintenance. In addition, EcoVeil Screen, EcoVeil Sheer, and AcoustiVeil are 100% recyclable.

Environmental Commitment

Renewable Energy & Climate, Water Stewardship, Social Fairness. Cradle to Cradle’s multi-attribute standard ensures holistic policies and goals around energy, water, climate, human rights.