Easier, faster, more economical way to install motorized shades
Mecho's patented, innovative ElectroPocket significantly reduces installation time and expense due to minimal electrician time required.

ElectroPocket is the industry's first ETL/UL certified pocket mounting solution for motorized roller shades and is ideal for new or renovation projects because its design eliminates the need for extensive wiring.

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The industry's first ETL/UL Certified Pocket

ElectroPocket provides a certified wiring raceway with optional accessory clips to secure all wiring safely away from a shade’s moving parts. Our unique, proprietary design uses standard wire and cable instead of more expensive metal clad or conduit wiring to reduce maintenance and installation costs. Because ElectroPocket is pre-wired, it can be motorized later making it the perfect solution for tenant fit-outs in multi-family or mixed-use facilities.




  • Reduced wiring and electrical installation costs
  • Easier installation in retro-fit and renovation applications
  • Modular wiring kits with standard connectors –comparable to office cubicle wall wiring and installation 
  • Sections clip together at jobsite
  • Standard 10.5’ sections nest for easier handling, jobsite transportation and lower shipping costs
  • Modular design promotes upgrades in motorization and automation as requirements change
  • Guides for easy bracket placement, shade installation, programming, and servicing
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