Occupancy and daylight sensor system for touchless automated window shades

Quickly transform your motorized shades to a touchless automated shading system

SolarLinc is an affordable, flexible automated shade solution engineered for smaller rooms or to retrofit existing commercial motorized shades. Solar-powered occupancy and daylight sensors monitor inside room occupancy and outside conditions to automate commercial shades.

SolarLinc enables common spaces like lobby areas to have touchless automated window shade positioning for optimal daylight harvesting controls, minimizing heat gain and maximizing energy savings. This commercial shade system can also be programmed to monitor room occupancy, maintaining privacy, and supporting users’ shade control preferences. SolarLinc is the performance-proven solution when looking for a reliable, easy-to-install automated shade system.

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SolarLinc System

Why Choose SolarLinc?

High performance, touchless automated shade solution
SolarLinc is a reliable, high-performing touchless automated shading system that adapts to the building users' shade control needs.

The wireless daylight sensor monitors external conditions to mitigate glare while the occupancy sensor monitors the room occupancy state to provide energy conservation. The sensors connect wirelessly to the MechoNet Wireless Controller that mounts out of sight. A wireless Mechoshade wall switch is optional to override controls.

Easy, flexible automated window shade installation
The MechoNet Wireless Controller for SolarLinc connects directly to the solar shade motors. Occupancy and daylight control sensors connect wirelessly to the controller. Wireless connection creates simplified installation and flexible customization for evolving room or layout enhancements.

An ideal solution for small projects or local control within offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and foyers. SolarLinc is an affordable automated window shade solution with commercial-grade components for office buildings, healthcare, hospitality, and education.

Maintenance-free commercial shade automation
SolarLinc wireless daylight sensors are solar-powered, removing the need to change batteries, ever.

SolarLinc can support energy savings and minimize additional reliance on electricians at installation.  The daylight sensor can trigger the shades down at night to reduce light pollution which helps with LEED credits and privacy. As a maintenance-free commercial motorized shade integration, SolarLinc has proven to be an industry-leading automated shading solution.

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5-Year Limited Warranty

SolarLinc comes with a 5-year limited warranty for all parts of the daylight sensor system.


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