SunDialer® WindowManagement® System

A state-of-the-art automated-shading system, featuring the same advanced solar-tracking and sky-monitoring technology as the elite SolarTrac®, but tailored for small-scale and retrofit projects. SunDialer is scientifically designed to maximize natural daylight and increase energy efficiency while providing occupants with a comfortable environment and views to the outside

A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective WindowManagement System

  • Two roof-mounted radiometers monitor the sun and sky conditions in real-time, automatically adjusting shades to prevent solar-heat gain, brightness, and glare
  • Increase opportunities for natural light, saving up to 70% in lighting costs when paired with a daylighting system
  • Controlling up to 12 shade zones with continuous minute/day/year analysis, SunDialer is designed to provide cost-effective solar shading for small-scale and retrofit projects
  • Reduce solar-heat gain which decreases air-conditioning needs
  • Alleviate brightness and glare which provides a more comfortable environment
  • Through a controller based interface, easily locate and manually override any individual shade or shade zone based on occupant comfort preferences

Automation Delivers Precise Shading Control

  • Shades adjust to various positions on the window corresponding to the sun’s position in the sky, microclimatic sky conditions, and building location, orientation, and geometry
  • Shades are raised to maximize daylight when windows are in shadow and lowered when the sun is bright to increase comfort
  • Innovative solar shadecloth weaves continue to provide a view to the outside even when lowered
  • Operate in tandem with other manufacturers’ electric-lighting controls, allowing light levels to be adjusted based on the amount of daylight the shades allow into the space
  • Automated shade control delivers significant reductions in peak-energy demands over the lifetime of the installation

Innovative, Research-Driven Performance

  • SunDialer provides SolarEvaluation, utilizing proprietary algorithms, which analyze raw solar-sensor data to determine the sky condition – clear or cloudy
  • PC-based software calculates the sun’s angle on each window in every zone, taking into account a window’s elevation, shape, and orientation that might obstruct sunlight
  • SunDialer then adjusts the shade position on the window to manage both the amount of direct sunlight entering a space and the BTU levels on the glass
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Lifetime Limited Warranty

All SunDialer hardware and electronics are covered by a 5-year warranty from the date of shipment, guaranteeing 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty

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Certifications & Recognition

  • NeoCon® Innovation Award
  • EXC!TE Award for Excellence in Custom Installation Technologies and Products
  • 2009 Best of Category for Controls, Daylight Integration and Systems at the LFI Innovation Awards

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