Quickship Shades

Quickship Shades

Delivery Certainty and Up-Front Shipping Costs!

Mecho's updated Quickship Shades program provides industry leading features like up-front shipping costs AND delivery date at time of order entry on qualified shade orders.

Program Features

- Integrated with FedEx Ground to provide delivery date at time of order
- Up-front shipping costs shown at time of order
- Popular solar and blackout fabrics available
- Popular fascia colors available

Ready to get started?
Start your order in the dealer portal. You will see a Quickship check box in your cart indicating product eligibility.

Notes: Dealers must be in good financial standing to be eligible for Quickship lead times.
Quickship Shades not available in HI or AK.

QuickShip Qualified Products

Maximum shades per order: 50 | Maximum shade width: 102" | Maximum fascia width: 102"

  • SoHo 1100 Series Shade Cloth - 1% Open

    1101 White
    1104 Sand
    1103 Light Grey
    1119 Silver Birch
    1116 Slate
    1112 Charcoal
    1118 Black Brown

  • SoHo 1600 Series Shade Cloth - 3% Open

    1601 White
    1604 Sand
    1603 Light Grey
    1619 Silver Birch
    1616 Slate
    1612 Charcoal
    1618 Black Brown

  • Chelsea Blackout Shade Cloth - Graphite Back

    251 Chalk
    253 Graphite
    263 Onyx
    252 Sand
    264 Steel
    262 Slate
    260 Silver

  • Chelsea Blackout Shade Cloth - White Back

    271 Chalk
    273 Graphite
    283 Onyx
    272 Sand
    284 Steel
    282 Slate
    280 Silver

  • Mecho/7 Manual Clutch

    Single shades only

  • Mecho/5x Manual Clutch

    Single shades only

  • UrbanShade Manual Clutch

    Single shades only

  • UrbanShade with Embedded Battery Motor

    Single shades only

  • Fascia

    Must be cut to size.
    Available Colors: White, Clear Anodized, Quaker Bronze, Black, Alabaster, Grey

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