Office Super Bowl party get a little out of hand?

February 15, 2022 | shade cloth cleaning tips

Did you host an office get-together after office hours that got a little out of hand? Maybe you and your colleagues watched the Super Bowl together and things got a little messy? Are there new spots or unexplainable marks on your shade cloth? Mecho has you covered. All of our commercial shade cloths are easily cleaned and disinfected in 4 easy steps: Dust, Clean, Dry, and Disinfect.

Here are some other tips to make sure your shade cloth returns to its pre-party state:
• Wear gloves and make sure there is good ventilation during disinfecting. 
• Follow the contact time for disinfecting to ensure the product is effective. 
• Dust, clean, and dry in a single direction.
• Avoid steam cleaning as it may melt the PVC or distort the stability of the shade.
• Avoid cleaning in bright, hot sunlight to prevent soap spotting.

Check out the Complete Cleaning and Disinfecting Gude for more info

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