Capitol Crossing in Washington, D.C.

Performance is Five Buildings, Seven Acres, and One SolarTrac Shading System

Downtown Washington D.C. is home to Capitol Crossing, a 2.2 million square foot, 7-acre, office, housing, and retail complex that’s restoring three long city blocks. Capitol Crossing is a state-of-the-art complex that is LEED Platinum Certified, meaning it meets the absolute highest level of sustainability. 

To achieve this certification, the design team worked closely with Mecho to develop and integrate automated shading systems that incorporate natural light while blocking solar heat. All four sides of the building were developed to provide maximum views, while controlling solar energy. This project’s demands were tough, but Mecho was the perfect solution for this development.

From the start, Capitol Crossing was at risk for excessive solar heat gain. Utilizing Mecho shades, the optimal amount of light was let in, while harmful UV radiation was blocked. Controlling solar exposure while enhancing occupant experience contributed to the LEED Platinum certification.

Since 1969, Mecho has worked with architects, designers and contractors to incorporate natural light to bring their visions to life through innovation and trusted performance – one project at a time.

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Project Details

One Mecho SolarTrac system, five buildings

Building and occupant performance at Capitol Crossing will be powered by Mecho's innovative SolarTrac automation system.  One Mecho SolarTrac system will power all five buildings, ensuring comfort and maintaining the design aethstetic inside and out spreading over the seven acres of development. Solar Trac, working in tandem with the curtain wall and lighting systems, will contribute LEED points to this Beyond LEED Platinum building.

Wireless Daylight Sensors

Mecho's Wireless Daylight Sensors work in tandem with our automated SolarTrac system. Our sensors work with the predictive algorithms of SolarTrac to account for unexpected glare and solar events.

Partnership and Innovation

With the mixed use space at Capitol Crossing a flexible design was key.  Mecho partnered with the A & D community to work on custom designed side channels to ensure there were not any light leaks, while being agile enough to accommodate future walls that will be fitted out for future occupants.