Healthcare Window Shade Solutions

Natural Light Maximizes Positive Patient Outcomes

Mecho is the commercial shade industry leader in healthcare daylight control. Utilizing motorized and automated shade systems, room darkening textiles, and Nightingale Award-winning shade products and accessories, Mecho roller shades for healthcare facilities help create the optimum environment for patient comfort and positive patient outcomes.

Daylight is the Medicine,
Automated Hospital Grade Window Shades Provide the Dose

Mecho’s automated healthcare solar solutions are designed to maximize daylight + views for healthcare occupants by raising shades, and keeping them up as much as possible, without glare. The sun regulates our circadian rhythms, which controls everything from sleep to metabolism. As people continue to spend upwards of 90% of their time indoors, we are increasingly reliant on the built environment to provide a circadian stimulus.

In healthcare facilities, studies* demonstrate that patients with access to daylight and views have shorter postoperative inpatient stays, require less pain medication, and experience less distress. Similar, healthcare facility staff with access to daylight experience less stress, laugh more frequently and feel more positive about their job than those who do not have access to natural light.

*2014 - The Impact of Windows and Daylight on Acute-Care Nurses' Physiological, Psychological, and Behavioral Health
*2006 - The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings

Personalized Control
with Healthcare Shade Control Systems

Mecho window coverings for hospitals can include seamless control options that enhance patient empowerment by simply integrating shading controls directly to the patient’s bedside. Along with bedside controls, wall-mounted controls give the caregiver the flexibility to adjust room shading for maximum patient satisfaction.

Featured Healthcare Products

Touchless, Automated Shading Solutions

Mecho provides patented, scalable automation solutions to control daylight. So no matter the size of project, Mecho has the versatility to provide solutions for a single room, an individual floor, a building or an entire campus.

Performance-Proven Shade Products

Discover other innovative solutions for hard-to-solve design and technical challenges in the healthcare industry.

Mecho/5x Manual Shades offer ADA compliant pull force.


Powerful and ultra-quiet motorized shade system, operating as low as 38db.


Shade Cloth for Healthcare

All of our commercial shade cloths are able to be simply cleaned and disinfected in 4 easy steps. View our full cleaning and disinfecting guidelines to learn more.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines

  • Dust

    Using a duster with a soft, disposable head.

  • Clean

    Using mild soap and water, clean gently with a sponge or cloth.

  • Dry

    Using a clean, soft cloth or duster.

  • Disinfect

    Using products with Hydrogen Peroxide as the active ingredient.

Optimal Acoustics and Privacy

Mecho’s shade cloth decrease hospital noise that can hinder a patient's rest and recovery. Many of our shade cloths have acoustic ratings up to 0.65 NRC/0.65 SAA.

Shade Cloth

For versatile privacy, the Nightingale-Award Winning, ThermoVeil 0900 Series has a 0-1% openness, enabling patients to experience diffused sunlight during the day and privacy at night.

ThermoVeil 0900 Series

Industry Leading Sustainability

Mecho products are designed with rigorous sustainability principles to prioritize human and environmental health. Our roller shades for hospitals qualifications are listed below or view our complete guidelines to learn more about all of the sustainability options Mecho has available.

Sustainability Guidelines

Healthcare Case Studies